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Hosted Conversion Improvement Software

The same seasoned software developers and marketing experts at Exclusive Concepts who have helped eCommerce clients generate revenue and profits over the past 16 years, have created Conversions On DemandTM – a new suite of tested and proven hosted conversion applications.

The Conversions On DemandTM suite of hosted software contains three online tools which clients can customize to meet their eCommerce objectives through their website and social media assets.

Conversion on Demand
The Cart Closer is designed to convert shoppers that abandon the cart before completing a sale. The Cart Closer displays a customizable offer to the shopper as they are exiting the cart to incent them to stay and complete a sale.   The Daily Deal Bar enables you to schedule promotions days, weeks or months in advance. After uploading your promotions (including single-use coupon), you can forget about them and trust the Daily Deal Bar to automatically update your site and Twitter on the days and times that you've preconfigured.   Time2Buy is patent-pending technology that monitors the browsing behavior of shoppers on your site, and displays hyper time-sensitive offers to motivate shoppers to immediately buy from you. You can control the time, trigger behavior and offer value.
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*30 day free trial of The Cart Closer *30 Day Free Trial of Daily Deal Bar *30 day free trial of Time2Buy
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