Weekly Roundup, March 2, 2007

By Herb

Bird’s Eye View

Let Freedom Ring from the Web’s Founding Father


The 4 step process of SEO, and how to D-I-Y

Getting links from bloggers

Search and RSS

Even local search has a long tail

Top 100 alternative search engines report from Read/WriteWeb

How to lead the ignorant searcher to your door

Ins and outs of bringing search in-house

Social Media

Cracking community sites

Social algorithms? How is that possible?


Google click fraud: not as bad as we thought

More about click fraud from ClickZ

YouTube and AdSense: the perfect marriage?

Still trying to make a deal with the studios over YouTube

China we knew about, but Germany? Censored search results FAQs

Increase conversions with Google Website Optimizer


Yahoo! is offering a discount to the 2007 Internet Retailer Conference in San Jose, June 4 – 7

Standard and advanced match types with Yahoo’s Panama

More points about Panama


Using blogs to build interaction with your company

Around the Web

States best suited to compete in the global, technology economy