Weekly Roundup, April 13, 2007

By Herb

Search Engine Strategies New York 2007

From ClickZ: SES coverage at the opening

From ClickZ: At the close

A word from the girl searchers


Landing page best practices

Email subject lines — keep it short

When email marketing doesn’t work: luxury goods

Whatever the tool, be sure it’s Word of Mouth based

In targeting, the bulls-eye is small. Make it count.

But, targeting takes work

Search and RSS

Using competitors’ trademarks for SEM a no-no in Utah

Stop siloed search!

Social Media

Social media going strong

Consider branding before “socializing??


True to its motto, Google will never be evil

Horizontal, vertical — Google dominates both ways

Supply and demand revisited

New acquisition for Google: DoubleClick


“Momentum. Yahoo! has it. Google doesn’t.??


More good news for business blogs: more people want to read them than write them

Around the Web

Does the Internet need a “clean slate?? approach?

What we’d need to fix